Seed farming on an agricultural farm

Start sowing the latest seed and be at the forefront of growing better crops.

Old seed varieties can suffer from low disease resistance, and you could be missing out on yields and profits.

Get access to the newest varieties on the market and grow more resilient and higher yielding crops.

Quality assured seed.

All seed comes with quality assurance and 99% guaranteed germination.

The latest varieties.

Get access to the newest varieties on the market as soon as they’re available.

More resilient crops.

Start growing better crops with higher vigour and better disease resistance.

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1. Check out the options.

Talk to one of our agronomists to see what will work best on your farm and with your rotations.

It's a hassle-free process:

2. Place an order with us.

 Let us know what variety and how much you need.

3. Prepare to sow and grow.

Collect and get ready to sow and grow a new and exciting crop.

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All seed is certified and guaranteed at least 99% germination.

You deserve to grow the best that's available.

Maximise your farms potential.

Huge range of the newest varieties.
Quality assured certified seed.
Better disease resistance.
Higher yields.

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