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Is your future in ag? Why not work right on the front lines?

If you're keen to get your hands dirty, talk face to face with some of SA's best farmers and operate in two of the most beautiful regions SA has to offer, then we want you.

AW Vater & Co is a family business focused on helping SA farmers grow better crops and healthier livestock.

With us, you would operate out of Saddleworth in the Mid North and Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula, covering vast areas across all of SA.

Depending on your passion and skills, joining our crew would see you helping farmers fight the battle against weeds and pests, optimising livestock nutrition and solving pest and disease issues, or finding solutions to fencing and other farm needs. In general, you would help provide our local farmers with these core basics:
Agronomy, Fertiliser, Seed, Ag Chem, Animal Health, and Rural Supplies.
(As well as a friendly chat and a coffee).

You would join a team of incredible humans with different skills and roles, with opportunities in agronomy, marketing, logistics, IT and customer service.

On top of being great salt of the earth people, our team members share these three characteristics:
We’re proactive and think forward.
We love agriculture.
And we’re always positive.
This means we’re always keen to learn, solve problems, and keep safe.

Why do we love what we do?
Because at AW Vater & Co, we know that farmers struggle to get the returns they deserve. The battle against weeds, weather, pests and fluctuating markets is real. That’s why we help farmers grow better crops and healthier livestock by providing the solutions they need to achieve a prosperous future for generations to come.

If you’re like us and believe providing a better supply of farm products yields more prosperity for our farmers and rural communities, then you should come aboard.

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