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There's nothing worse than chasing sheep through a broken fence, finding a leaking pipe, the dog won't work cause' he's hungry, and when you're finally home, there's no washing powder left to clean the mud off your shirt.

Don't stress. Come in store and grab your farm supplies, from fencing gear, pipe fittings, dog food to mum's washing powder, all at the one place.

Competitive pricing

Competitive prices

Quality brands at great prices.

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Water pipe. Fencing gear. Fire fighting gear. Safety gear. Home and garden. Hardware. Clothes. Boots. And so much more.

One stop shop

Save time, save fuel, save the headache.

Our valued suppliers:

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Find what you need in our a massive range.

And if you need a hand, we're here to help.

Water pipe, tanks and fittings
Fire safety
PPE and chemical safety
Spot spraying
Shearing supplies
Sheep and cattle tags
Electric fencing
Hardware and tools
Work boots and clothing
Camping and outdoors
Twine and silage
Windmill and bore
Pest and vermin control
Ropes, chain and tie downs
Pet food
Home and garden products
Even mums washing powder

We know finding the right farm supplies is only half the work.
You also want good advice and someone who has your back.

Summer Jobs:

Looking after yourself and your workers is paramount, one thing to keep an eye on is heat stress and how to manage it.

Summer also means fire season. Check out our tips on:
How to ensure your home is bushfire safe.
And how to have a safe fire season.

Warm weather = flies. Here’s a bit about them, and how to kill them.


Winter Jobs:

Rain forecasts causing you a headache? Here’s how to be forecast savvy.

How’s your chem shed looking?
If it could be better, check out our storage tips.

Want to learn the facts about mice and old wives tales?

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All your rural supplies in one place:

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