Sheep grazing in grass pasture

Looking for greener pastures?

Pastures are a vital part of any mixed farming operation. And selecting the right varieties for your area’s rainfall, soil type, and livestock is key.

Are your pastures underperforming? Why not check out our tips and consider doing a pasture renovation?

Pastures are just as important as crops, and just like crops, it can pay to do a tissue test and keep an eye out for any crop deficiencies.

Are weeds getting out of control? There are a range of herbicide options that offer good pasture weed control as well as great crop safety, such as Nufarm’s Thistrol Gold.

Check out the massive range of varieties we have access to, but please note they are not limited to the below. These are just a few of our favourite picks.

Cow sitting in shade in pasture

You can access the most popular varieties, such as:

1. Decide on the variety

Check out all the latest varieties, or speak to our agronomists for their suggestions.

2. Place an order

Call, email, or get in touch with Sam and place an order for the seed you want.

3. Grab and sow!

Collect in store (or we’ll deliver), and get sowing!

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