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Be at the forefront and grow the latest canola varieties.

Canola has become one of SA’s great rotational and profitable crops. (The only downside being those pesky tourists on the side of the road trying to get a selfie with your pretty yellow paddock).

But if you’re willing to take it on, here’s a look at what seed treatment to use. And depending on the season, you may want to be careful with pulses when dry sowing so check out our advice or get in touch with an agro.

Also, as there are a couple of options and it can get a bit tricky with timing, you’ll want to make sure you follow our top tips for harvesting canola.

Finally, GM canola is available in SA! Learn more about Roundup Ready & Truflex canola and why you might choose to grow it.

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Access the newest and most exciting varieties, such as:

Conventional & Triazine Tolerant (TT)

RoundUp Ready + Truflex

Multiple Herbicide Stacks

1. Decide on the variety

Check out all the latest varieties, or speak to our agronomists for their suggestions.

2. Place an order

Call, email, or get in touch with Sam and place an order for the seed you want.

3. Grab and sow!

Collect in store (or we’ll deliver), and get sowing!

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