Let your flock reach their maximum potential by fixing nutrient deficiencies.

There are many situations during the year when your livestock undergo massive nutrient demand and can benefit from supplements. By having supplements available at these key times, you ensure your animals have what they need to reach their maximum potential.

Key times when supplements can be beneficial are:


If you are looking to produce more lambs, Ovastim and Multimin are great options.
Here are our tips when pre-joining ewes, including why StayDry’s Beta Breed is also a great option.

Pregnant and Lambing Ewes + Lamb Survival:

We have a range of popular blocks, such as Olsson’s Lamblii and Rod’s Ewe and Lamb, to help meet the needs of pregnant and lactating ewes. There are also many loose lick options, such as StayDry’s Pre-Drop, which is a great way to increase the survival and growth rate of your lambs. 

Summer Dry Feed:

Stubble paddocks can provide a good food source for livestock over the summer, but ensure you check out our tips on how to make the most of them. Also, find out why it’s a great move to use stock blocks when utilising stubbles.


If you’re unsure where to start, or if you even should be supplementing your sheep, check out the free choice system and find out why your stock knows best when it comes to their nutritional needs.
Also, check out Elanco’s range of StayDry supplements, which are uniquely formulated nutritional loose-lick supplements for situations where they’re needed most.

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Find the right solutions to grow healthier livestock and greater profits.

We have a huge range of products tailored for specific nutritional needs, such as during:

Pre-Joining, Pregnancy and Lambing, Summer and Spring Feeding.

Loose Licks + Blocks
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