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Grow the latest beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas.

Legumes are an essential rotation crop and can have great profitability. (Just ask anyone growing lentils in SA over the last decade).
Our farmers’ main crops here in SA are faba beans, field peas, lentils, and chickpeas.

A couple of our tips from over the years:
Make sure you use a good seed treatment option at sowing to protect from disease, and check out our tips for pulses when dry sowing. 

What about inoculants? If you’re wondering whether it’s worth inoculating your legumes, well now there’s a test to find out.

In terms of weed control, in recent years we have seen some exciting improvements with the releases of Imi-tolerant lentils and  Imi-pea varieties.

Oh, and if you’re a regular pea grower, make sure you keep an eye on field pea blackspot.

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You can access the most popular and resilient varieties, such as:

Faba Beans

Amberley 2019

Bendoc 2018

Marne 2018

PBA Samira 2014


CBA Captain 2021 (Desi)

PBA Magnus 2021 (Kabuli)

PBA Royal 2020 (Kabuli)


GIA Thunder 2023 IMI (Small/Red)

GIA Lightning 2023 IMI (Small/Red)

GIA Metro IMI+MET 2023 (Med-Large/Red)

GIA Leader 2021 (Med/Red)

PBA Kelpie XT 2021 (Med/Red)

PBA Highland XT (2020) (Med/Red)

PBA Hallmark XT (2019) (Med/Red)

PBA Jumbo 2 2014 (Large)

PBA Hurricane XT 2013 (Small)

Field Peas

1. Decide on the variety

Check out all the latest varieties, or speak to our agronomists for their suggestions.

2. Place an order

Call, email, or get in touch with Sam and place an order for the seed you want.

3. Grab and sow!

Collect in store (or we’ll deliver), and get sowing!

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