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Don't let pests eat away at your profits.

Uncontrolled pests can cause havoc on developing crops and obliterate yields.
They’re not all bad, though – in fact, some are extremely helpful. So it’s best to learn what to look for and which insects are good and bad for your crop.

In recent years we’ve seen new pests, such as the Russia Wheat Aphid, hit our paddocks, and we had to create new management plans for control.
The old battle against snails still continues, so check out our tips on how to best control them. There have been some developments in new tech, such as Imtrade’s new bait,Transcend, which also controls other pesky bugs.

In season, you must be watchful and keep an eye on paddocks before insect damage occurs.
Here’s how to identify specific insect damage.
And you also will want to keep an eye on these eight mid-late season pests.

Close up of catepillar eating canola seed pod

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Some of the insecticides we regulary stock are:

Common Brand Names Actives
Astound Duo Alphacypermethrin 100g/L
Alphascud 300 Alphacyphermethrin 300g/L
Talstar 250 EC Bifenthrin 250g/L
Lorsban / Strike Out Chlorpyrifos 500g/L
Pyrinex Super Chorpyrifos 400gL Bifenthrin 20g/lt
Danadim 400 Dimethoate 400g/L
Affirm / Warlock Emamectin 17 g/L
Trojan Gammagyhalothrin 150g/L
Karate Zeon Lambda-Cyhalothrin 250g/L
Lemat / Omen Omethoate 290g/L
Imidan 150 Phosmet 150g/L
Piricarb Pirimicarb 500g/kg
Transform WG Sulfoxaflor 500 g/kg
Metakill / Metarex Metaldehyde 50g/kg
Snail Bait / Meta Metaldehyde 15g/kg
Transcend Metaldehyde 50g/kg Fipronil 1.5g/k
Zinc Phosphide – Sterile and Non Sterile Zinc Phosphide 25g and 50g

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