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Welcome To The War Against Weeds.
Gazillions of dollars have been spent formulating new molecules to control the weeds that compete with our crops and which persistently  – and frustratingly quickly – become resistant to chemical actives.
The broadacre herbicide range has grown so substantially over the last few decades that they even ran out of letters for our Mode of Action groups (check out what you need to know here).
Check out our summaries and tips below, or see our blog pages for updates.

What’s New In The Market:

The newest kid on the block, check out Bayer’s new Mateno Complete – the next step up from Sakura in weed and ryegrass control.
Do you want to cut through broadleaf and grass weeds fast? Nufarm’s new Terrad’or G spike is blowing us away with fantastic results.
FMC’s Overwatch is a recent pre-em herbicide with excellent results against ryegrass.
Even old king Glyphosate has been revamped with Nufarm’s new Crucial 600; find out why it’s the next step in glyphosate technology.

A Reminder On Summer Spraying:

In recent years, growers have been warned to be extra careful when summer spraying with 2,4-D. Due to off-target damage, new mandatory changes are in place regarding 2,4-D spray requirements.
So even if you’re miles away from vineyards and susceptible crops, it’s essential to be aware of inversion layers and how they affect spray drift.
Thankfully, new 2,4-D products are coming to the market, such as Nufarm’s Dropzone and Corteva’s Colex-D, and new technology like the Mesonet to make your life somewhat easier.
There’s also new chemistry to hit the Group 14 (G) markets – check our tips to know when it’s best to use Group G spikes.
Oh – and remember, if you are doing a summer spray, make sure you’re aware of all your plant back periods.

Pre Emergents:

Pre-em herbicides have become one of our most important tools in battling weeds and herbicide resistance. And thankfully, we’ve seen a lot of new technology hit the market in recent years.
But pre-em’s are usually not cheap. And if you’re dry sowing, you’ll want to ensure you get the best out of your pre-em chemicals.
The timing of sowing can vary depending on weather and seed variety, and our agronomists get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common is whether it’s worth waiting for a knockdown spray, or go in with pre-emergents?

Post Emergents:

There are some great options now available in the Post-Em market. For example, ADAMA’s new Priority covers a variety of weeds.
If you’re unsure about what has and hasn’t worked, perhaps you need options to chase down escaping weeds.
When the weather starts cooling down and getting icy, be wise and understand how frosts can affect your spray results. And this time of year is when you need to also be careful with group I herbicide timing.
If you’ve tried multiple herbicides and are still struggling with weed control this time of year, check out our tips about why you might not be getting the results you want.

Harvest Desiccation:

A great tool in reducing weed seed, learn more about what herbicides you can use for pre-harvest desiccation.

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The herbicide actives we normally stock are (but not limited to):

Common Brand Names Actives
Affinity Force / Unity Carfentrazone-ethyl 240g/L
Agritone 750 MCPA dimethylamine salt 750g/L
Agtryne MA Terbutryn 275g/L MCPA 160g/L
Alliance Amitrole 250g/L Paraquat 125g/L
Amine 625 / Amicide Advance 700 24D dimethyl amine salt
Amitrole T Amitrole 250g/L Ammonium Thiocyanate 220g/L
Arcade/Countdown Prosulfocarb 800g/L
Associate / Ally Metsulfuron Methyl 600g/kg
Atlantis OD Mesosulfuronmethyl 30g/L
Atrazine Atrazine 900g/kg
Avadex Xtra Triallate 500g/L
Axial Pinoxaden 100g/L   Cloquintocetmexylacetate 25g/L
Axial Xtra Pinoxaden 50g/L Cloquintocetmexylaceat 12.5g/L
Balance Isoxaflutole 750g/kg
Basta Glufosinateammonium 200g/L
Boxer Gold Prosulfocarb 800g/L Smetochlor 120g/L
Broadstrike Flumetsulam 800g/kg
Brodal Options Diflufenican 500g/L
Bromicide 200 / Bronco 400 Bromoxynil 200g/L and 400g/L
Brom-MA / Bronco MA-X Bromoxynil 280g/L MCPA 280g/L
Buttress 24D-B 24DB dimethylamine salt 500g/L
Cadence WG / Volley Dicamba 700g/kg
Callisto Mesotrione 480g/L
Condor 357g/L MCPA 10g/L Pyraflufen Ethyl
Diablo Duo Prosulfocarb 666g/L Triallate 333g/L
Diuron WDG Diuron 900g/Kg
Dropzone 500 SL 2,4-D as amine salts 500g/K
Dual Gold / Clincher Gold Smetolachlor 960g/L
Eco Par Pyraflufenethyl 20g/L
Edge 900 Propyzamide 900g/kg
Elantra Xtreme Quizalofop-p-ethyl 200g/L
Ester 680  / Estercide 24D Ethylhexyl Ester 680g/L
Factor Butroxydim 250g/kg
Flight EC Picolinafen 30g/L Bromoxynil 210g/L MCPA 350g/L
Frequency Topramezone 60g/L Cloquintocet mexyl 60 g/L
Garlon 600 Triclopyr 600g/L, 750g/L, 755g/L
Glean Chlorsulfuron 750g/kg
Glyphosate / Roundup / Weedmaster / Crucial Glyphosate 360g/L, 450g/L, 470g/L 540g/L, 570g/L, 600g/L
Goal / Striker / Cavalier Oxyfluorfen 240g/L
Gramoxone / Spraytop / Shirquat Paraquat 250g/L
Igran 500 SC Terbutryn 500g/L
Impose / Torch Imazapic 240g/lt
Intervix / Intercept Imazamox 33g/L Imazapyr 15g/L
Jaguar Bromoxynil 250g/L Diflufenican 25g/L
Jetti Duo Trifluralin 350g/L Tri-allate 550g/L
Kamba 500/750, Cutlass Dicamba 500g/L and 750g/L
Lontrel Advanced / Victory / Archer 750 Clopyralid 600g/L, 750g/L
Luximax Cinmethylin 750g/l
LVE MCPA 570 MCPA  ethylhexyl ester 570g/L
Mateno Complete Aclonifen 400g/L Pyroxasulfone 100g/L
Metribuzin Metribuzin 750g/kg
Nail 240 / Hammer 400 Carfentrazone 240g/L, 400g/L, 600g/L
Overwatch Bixolone 400g/L
Paradigm Arylex 200g/kg, Floras 200g/kg
Pixxaro Fluroxypyr 250 g/l Arylex 16.25g/l
Precept 150 MCPA 125g/L Pyrasulfatole 25g/ Mefenpyrdiethyl 6.45g/L
Priority 200 SC / Saracen Florasulam 200 g/L, 50g/L
Raptor Imazamox 700g/kg
Rebel 440 2,4-D Acid 440g/L
Reflex Fomesafen 240g/L
Reglone Diquat 200g/L
Rexade Pyroxsulam 150g/kg Halauxifen 50g/kg
Rustler / Burst 500 Propyzamide 500g/L
Sakura 850WG Pyroxasulfone 850g/kg
Sakura Flow Pyroxasulfone 480 g/L
Sentry Imazazpic 525g/kg Imazapyr 175gm/kg
Sharpen Saflufenacil 700 g/kg
Shogun EC Propaquizafop 100g/L
Shredda / B power Butafenacil 100g/L
Simazine 900 Simazine 900g/kg
Sledge Pyraflufenethyl 25g/L
Spinnaker 700WDG Imazethapyr 700g/kg
Spray Seed Paraquat 135g/L Diquat 115g/L
Starane Advance / Comet / Flagship Fluroxypyr 333g/L, 400g/L
Status / Clethodim / Platinum Xtra Clethodim 240g/L and 360g/L
Stomp / Rifle 440 Pendimethalin 440g/L
Talinor Bromoxynil 175 g/L Bicyclopyrone 37.5 g/L
Tenet 500 / Butisan Metazachlor 500g/l
Terbyne Xtreme Terbuthylazine 875g/kg
Terrador Tiafenacil 700g/kg
Terrain / Valor Flumioxazin 500g/kg
Thistrol Gold MCPB 300g/L MCPA 20g/L Flumetsulam 10g/L
Tigrex Diflufenican 25g/L MCPA 250g/L
Topik Clodinafop-Propargyl 240g/L Cloquintocetmexyl 60g/L
Tordon 75D 24D 300g/L Picloram  75g/L
Tordon Granules Picloram 20g/kg
Triasulfuron 750 Triasulfuron 750g/kg
Triathlon MCPA 250g/L Bromoxinil 150g/L Diflufenican 25g/L
Triflur-X Trifluralin 480g/L
Ultro Carbetamide 900g/kg
Unimaz / Rotary Max / Pyramid Imazapyr 250g/L
Uragan WG Bromacil 800g/kg
Velocity Bromox 210g Pyrasulfatol 37.5g
Verdict 520 / Firepower Haloxyfop 520g/L
Vigilant II Aminopyralid 4.47g/l Picloram 44.7g/l
Voraxor Saflufenacil 250g/L Trifludimoxazin 125g/L
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