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When the rush is on at harvest, get someone you trust to help transport your grain to the silos.

Harvest usually means chaos, long work hours, and headaches.

But, there’s one headache you don’t need to worry about. If you’d prefer a friendlier, local option to talk to about selling, storing, or carting your grain, AW Vater & Co Grain and Transport are your answer.

We can help with just about everything.
If you need a hand with harvest freight, we can help out. You’ll see our trucks on the road transporting all grains, fertiliser, and any other bulk product. We also supply and deliver bulk ag lime and gypsum.

Why deal with us?
If you’re a down-to-earth Aussie, who likes talking to other down-to-earth Aussies and supporting their local bloke, we’re right for you.

We’re family-owned and operated, and have been dealing with local growers and buying and selling grain for over 60 years. We’re easy to deal with, and make your service our priority. We make sure our prices are competitive and fair and enjoy giving back to the rural community we’re involved in. You’ll find us at the local cricket and footy club, and supporting our local events and charities.

So, why not give us a call this harvest?
Office: 08 8847 4400

Field bin emptying grain into back of truck

We've been transporting grain all over SA and interstate for over 50 years.

We cart all over SA and interstate.

1. Give us a buzz

2. We'll give you a quote

3. We'll collect and deliver - on time and safely

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Can you compete with the corporates?

Of course. In fact, unlike corporates, our independence allows us to source chemical from a range of suppliers and find you the best prices. We love beating them on price.

Our valued suppliers:




Does the multitude of generic products overwhelm you?
It can be stressful buying product only to find out you’ve got another brand in the shed. Download out guide to help.

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