Green lentil crop

Prevention is always the best insurance against disease.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for diseases to destroy crops and their potential yields. That’s why a robust fungicide program is the best insurance you can have to protect your profits.

The main culprits we see are Septoria, Rusts, Ascochyta, Botrytis Grey Mould, Net Blotches and Powdery Mildew. And resistant strains can be a problem.

But thankfully, as new actives are developed and become available, there is a range of new fungicide options and combinations to help you fight the battle.

Not all is foliar either – if you’re concerned about recurring stunted patches in your paddocks, perhaps take a look at the fungicide options to treat Rhizoctonia Root Rot.

Agronomist checking lentil crop for fungicide spray

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The fungicides actives we stock are (but not limited to):

Common Brand Names Actives
Accolade 250 / Mirador 625  / Miravis 250 Azoxystrobin 250 g/L, 625g/L
Connect 800WG Azoxystrobin 800g/kg
Amistar Xtra Azoxystrobin 200g/L Cyproconazole 80g/L
Aviator Xpro Prothioconazole 150g/lt Bixafen 75g/lt
Barrack / Echo / Bravo / Calvary Weatherguard Chlorothalonil 720g/L
Cogito Tebuconazole 250g/L Propiconazole 250g/L
Dithane Rainshield / Penncozeb / Unizeb Mancozeb 750g/kg
Echo 900 WDG Chlorothalonil 900g/kg
Elatus Ace Benzovindiflupyr 40 g/L Propiconazole 250 g/L
Folicur / Hornet / Orius / Laguna Tebuconazole 430g/L
Gallardo 900 WG Carbendazim 900g/kg
Jubilee 500 / Impact Endure Flutriafol 500g/L
Maxentis Azoxystrobin 133g/L Prothioconazole 100g/L
Miravis Star Fludioxonil 150g/L Pydiflumetofen 100g/L
Nosclex 800WG Procymidone 800g/L
Octopus WG 800 Epoxiconazole 800g/kg
Opera Pyraclostrobin 85g/L Epoxiconazole 62.5 g/L
Opus 125 / Soprano 500 Epoxiconazole 125g/L
Prosaro Prothioconazole 210g/L Tebuconazole 210g/L
Proviso / Protek Prothioconazole 250g/L
Radial Azoxystrobin 75g/L Epoxiconazole 75g/L
Spin Flo / Howzat Carbendazim 500g/L
Sumislex 500 Procymidone 500g/L
Tazer Xpert Epoxiconazole 31.25g/L Azoxystrobin 80g/L
Throttle 500  / Bumper 625 Propiconazole 500g/L, 625g/L
Topnotch Propiconazole 200g/L Azoxystrobin 200g/L
Uniform Azoxystrobin 322g/L Metalaxyl-M 124g/L
Veritas Opti Tebuconazole 370g/L Azoxystrobin 222g/L

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