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Fencing. Fire. Safety gear. Boots. Water pipe. Tanks. Hardware. It's all here.

Do you need tips and tricks on chemical safety and storage?

Want to learn the facts about mice and old wives tales?

Are you annoyed by those flies and looking to removing them? 

Do you suffer from heat stress and want to manage it?

Do you want to be or are you forecast savy?

Are you wanting to make your home bushfire safe?

Fire season is here, are you ready?

Are you prepared for fire season?

Want to register your ute as a ‘farm fire unit?

Are you constantly annoyed by frost effecting your crops?

farmer drinking on ute in the scrub

We keep a range of options for all your farming (and non-farming) needs.

1. Call or come in store

2. We'll help find a solution to suit your needs

3. Grab it and go, or we'll deliver

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Can you compete with the corporates?

Of course. In fact, unlike corporates, our independence allows us to source chemical from a range of suppliers and find you the best prices. We love beating them on price.

Our valued suppliers:




Does the multitude of generic products overwhelm you?
It can be stressful buying product only to find out you’ve got another brand in the shed. Download out guide to help.

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