The latest varieties of wheat, barley, and oats.

The bread and butter of broadacre farming… (pun intended).
From the beginnings of agriculture, wheat, barley, and oaten hay have dominated SA’s farming landscape. And although pulses and oilseeds are now integral parts of our farm rotations, cereals remain our key exports for both domestic and international markets.
(And how would we survive without our toast, vegemite, and beer?)

Check out the range of new varieties below.
Including Kraken and the new malting varieties.

If you have seed on hand, check here to see what seed treatment to use. Products such as EverGol Energy continue to be a key choice for cereals.

If the season is looking dry, check out our tips for dry sowing.

Also, you’ll want to learn how to identify and monitor foliar diseases such as Rust and Septoria. Make sure you are also regularly checking your cereal crops for insects to prevent damage.

Handful of wheat grains

You can access the highest yielding and most resilient varieties, such as:


Titan AX 2023 (Potential Malt) (Mid Maturity)

Combat 2023 (Feed) (Mid Maturity)

Zena 2023 (Malt Pending) (Mid Maturity)

Cyclops 2022 (Malt Pending) (Mid-Quick Maturity)

Minotaur 2022 (Malt Pending) (Mid-Slow Maturity)

Commodus CL 2021 (Malt Pending)

Maximus CL 2021 (Malt 2021) (Very Quick Maturity)

Beast 2020 (Malt Pending) (Quick Maturity)

Leabrook 2020 (Malt 2021) (Very Quick Maturity)

RGT Planet 2017 (Malt 2019) (Quick Maturity)


BASF Kingston 2023 (AH) (Mid Maturity)

BASF Reilly 2023 (AH) (Mid Maturity)

Brumby 2023 (APW) (Mid Maturity)

Anvil CL 2023 (AH) (Quick Maturity)

Calibre Wheat 2022 (AH) (Quick -Mid Maturity)

Valiant CL 2022 (AH) (Slow Maturity)

LongReach Dual 2022 (AH) (Mid – Slow Maturity)

Hammer CL Plus 2021 (AH) (Quick – Mid Maturity)

Ballista 2021 (AH) (Quick – Mid Maturity)

RockStar 2020 (AH) (Mid – Slow Maturity)

Catapult 2020 (AH) (Mid – Slow Maturity)

Vixen 2019 (AH) (Quick Maturity)

Sheriff CL Plus 2019 (APW) (Mid – Slow Maturity)

Chief CL Plus 2018 (APW) (Mid Maturity)

Durum Wheat Varieties:

Patron 2023

Bitalli 2020

Artemis Durum 2020


Wallaby 2022 (Hay)

Kultarr 2022 (Hay)

Archer 2022 (Hay)

KingBale 2021 (Hay)

Koorabup (Hay)

Bilby (Milling)

Mulgara (Hay)

1. Decide on the variety

Check out all the latest varieties, or speak to our agronomists for their suggestions.

2. Place an order

Call, email, or get in touch with Sam and place an order for the seed you want.

3. Grab and sow!

Collect in store (or we’ll deliver), and get sowing!

Green leaves of wheat against blue sky

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