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Grow healthier, happier, and more productive livestock.

Parasites, diseases, and deficiencies can wreak havoc on your livestock and profits.

Keep your animals healthy and productive with our range of vaccines, parasite prevention and nutritional supplements.

Up to date knowledge

Our team undergo regular training and we keep close to industry leaders and suppliers to be in the know.

Quality Brands

We stock products from renown suppliers who are highly trusted in the industry.

Healthier animals

We believe keeping animals in optimal health is beneficial for them, for you and your business, and the end-user.

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1. Call or come in store, to talk about your concerns

Tell us what your problems are and what’s going on on-farm. Whether it’s parasites, worms, deficiencies, or you just don’t know.

3 steps to healthier livestock:

2. We'll help you find a solution, suiting your needs

Looking at your livestock needs and product history we can help find a product that fits your farm and your budget.

3. Get back to producing healthy livestock

Keeping your flock healthy and happy improves their wellbeing, productivity as well as your farms profits.

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There is nothing worse than seeing poor, lousy or fly-blown sheep. It’s stressful, cruel, and unfair.

But it’s also preventable, and we can give you the tools to keep your flock in their best shape.

Treat your flock like your crop.

Nutritional supplements
Lick Blocks + Loose Licks
Feedlot Pellets
Mineral Injections
Pour Ons + Spray Ons

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