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Access all your adjuvants, oils, seed dressings, grain products, and growth regulant needs.

Adjuvants are like the underpants of the ag chem world: Underrated, but necessary, and the better the quality will surprisingly make your life much easier.

New tech and new formulations are slow to come out (who wants to reinvent the wheel?), but when they do and price out well, it can be extremely useful – like Outright 770, the new 3-in-1 adjuvant that we’re loving.

It’s not all about making better tank mixes either. We believe a tank cleaner like AllClear DS should be one of the most important drums in your shed.

We also keep a wide range of Grain Protectants to keep your stored grain safe from insect damage.

As well as Seed Dressings to keep bugs and diseases away from your growing seedlings.
And Growth Regulants to keep your crops focused on yields.

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We keep sheds full of stock, so that we can supply at competitive prices when others can't.

1. Come in store, or give us a call

Let us know what you need and we’ll get it packed.

2. Grab what you need, or we'll deliver

We’ll load it on your ute, or where possible we will deliver on farm.

3. Spray with confidene and agronomy backup

All Ag Chem sales have our agronomy support.

Some of the products we normally stock:

Common Brand Names Actives
Adigor Adjuvant methylesters canola oil 440g/L Liquid Hydrocarbons 222g/L
CanDo 500g/L ethyl esters of canola oil fatty acids
Hasten Ester Vege Oil 704g/L ethyl n methyl
Hot Up Non-ionic Surfactant 340g/l Mineral Oil 190g/l ALsul  140g/
Inbound Spray Oil 1000lt Paraffinic Oil 653g/L Non-ionic Surfactant 217g/L
Li700 Surfactant soyal phospholipids 350g/L
Outright 770 1000lt Non Ionic Surfactant 334 g/L Vege Oil 136 g/L SOA 300g/L
Sulphate of Ammonia SOA 980G/KG
Supercharge Elite Mineral oil 432g/L
Uptake Spray Oil Paraffinic oil 582g/L Non-ionic Surfactant 240g/L
Wetcit Alcohol Ethoxylate
Conserve Plus GP Spinosad 100g/l S-methoprene 1
Dryacide / CutnDry Amorphous Silica 900gm/kg
Fenitrothion Fenithrothion 1000g/L
Fumitoxin Tablets / Quickphos Aluminium Phosphide 330g/kg
Reldan Plus IGR Chlorpyrifos-methyl 500g/L
Smart Grain Dual Fenitrothion 600g/L S-Methoprene 60g/L
Errex 750 Chlormequat 582g/L
ProGibb 40% Gibberellic Acid 400g/kg
Moddus Evo Trinexapac-Ethyl 250g/l
Apron XL Metalaxyl-M 350g/L
Baytan Triadimenol 150g/L Triflumuron 4g/L
Cosmos Fipronil 500g/L
Cruiser 350 FS 350gm/lt Thiamethoxam
Evergol Energy Metalaxyl 61.4g/L Penflufen 38.4g/L Prothioconazole 76.8 g/L
Gaucho 600 / Imi Imidacloprid 600 g/L
P Pickle T Thiram 360g/L Thiabendazole 200g/L
Pontiac Flutriafol 6.25g/L Imidacloprid 180g/  Metalaxyl-M 15g/L
Rancona C Seed Dressing Ipconazole 20g/L Cypermethrin 4g/L
Rancona Dimensions Ipconazole 25g/L Metalaxyl 25g/L
Raxil T Tebuconazole 25g/L Triflumuron 4g/L
Saltro Duo Pydiflumetofen 200g/lL
Systiva Fluxapyroxad 333g/L
Vibrance Difenoconazole 66.2g/L  Metalaxyl-M 16.5g/L   Sedaxane 13.8g/L
All Clear DS Tank cleaner
Red Spray Marker Dye
Foam Marker
Kleenup Granules

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