StayDry Pre Drop: Increase Survival And Growth In Lambs

Nothing is more disappointing than checking the mob and seeing lost newborn lambs. Not only is it a shame to see the loss of life,…
April 12, 2023Livestock Health Back to All

Nothing is more disappointing than checking the mob and seeing lost newborn lambs. Not only is it a shame to see the loss of life, but it’s a direct hit to your potential profits.

Research indicates the average loss of lambs in pastoral flocks between scanning and marking is about 30%.
At birth, poor birth weights and poor colostrum transfer are the main factors that lead to death.
Out of post-partum lamb losses, 59% is due to starvation and miss-mothering.
After this, poor immune system function and low growth rates contribute to further deaths.

But can these deaths be prevented?
Several factors influence lamb survivability. Birth weight, ewe condition, pasture cover, mob size and stocking rate are a few. The good news is, we can control most of these.

One solution is StayDry Pre Drop lick powder.
It’s a nutritional supplement that’s designed to reduce birth difficulties in ewes, optimise immune system function and improve colostrum quality. All of these combine to increase overall survival and growth rates in lambs.

It does this by providing a unique range of macronutrients, carotenoids, and tocopherols. In basic words, it ensures you have healthier pregnant ewes and, therefore healthy lambs. Healthy lambs = better survival. Better survival = more profit.

The best part? It’s a fixed ration and fixed cost.
You know precisely what you’re up for before you start the program.

How does it stack up?
Trial work done on 400 ewes in Cooma, NSW, showed promising results. It split the group into two lots. They were kept in similar conditions and fed the same rate of supplementary feed. One group was a control; the other was fed StayDry. The trial measured the difference in lamb survival from scanning to marking.
So, what happened?
Over a six-week lambing period, the mobs supplemented with StayDry Pre Drop showed an increase of up to 23% lamb survivability.

How does it work?
Easy. It’s 300 grams of StayDry Pre Drop per head, fed out over 30 days leading up to lambing.
At the cost of around $1.70 per head, you only need about five and half extra lambs per 100 ewes to get a return on investment, figuring newborn lambs at about $30 each.

It’s a fixed-dose. And a fixed cost. And easy to use.

What else is there?
You’ll notice there are three different products that we’ll have which will work in our farms; StayDry Beta Breed, StayDry Pre Drop & StayDry Hy-VitMin. All are nutritional loose-lick supplements.
The key to the success of their StayDry products is due to two things; one is the efficiency of the absorption of vitamins and minerals, the other is the precise feeding guide. As you only feed out a certain amount per head for a precise amount of time, you know your up-front costs from the start and know how much the program will cost you.
As another bonus, it doesn’t need to be fed in enclosed feeders. As the ‘StayDry’ name suggests, it can handle rain without being ruined.

When to use it?
You should start supplementing with Pre Drop at a minimum of 30 days before lambing and continue until all product is consumed. It has been designed for animals deficient in nutrients, which can occur when stock are grazing dry pasture or stubbles, grazing short green feed, consuming mainly hay or silage. It also alleviates any deficiencies and imbalances of macro-minerals, trace minerals, as well as key vitamins and carotenoids.

For more information on StayDry Pre Drop or any other of the StayDry products give us a ring today or come in and see us and grab an information booklet.