An Update On Group 14’s (G) And When To Use Them

There are Hammers, Nails, Sledges, Sharpens and many more, but where and when will these Group 14 (G) spike herbicides be best used? Taking opportunities…
January 10, 2023Ag Chem Back to All

There are Hammers, Nails, Sledges, Sharpens and many more, but where and when will these Group 14 (G) spike herbicides be best used? Taking opportunities to mix and rotate Group 14 herbicides with existing products can enable an effective knockdown spike and allow the utilisation of previously lost chemistry.

Striker/Goal (Oxyfluorfen) –
The first of the Group G’s and probably the most common. Once good on marshmallows, Oxyfluorfen is an economical option for many summer sprays but lacks the punch of some of the newer spikes, and has a restrictive grazing withholding. We recommend use when targeting small button-sized weeds.

Hammer/Nail (Carfentrazone) –
Carfentrazone is the next step up in marshmallow control over Oxyflourfen. Carfentrazone is good on most difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds, but you must be careful when spraying during warm summer days as it can burn the weeds too quickly. It’s also an attractive spike where short grazing withholding is needed. Be wary of the formulation strength of different products; the old Nail was 240g/L, Hammer is 400g/L, and now the new Nail is 600g/L. A well-priced good spike for most situations.

Sledge (Pyraflufen) –
Sledge originally came premixed in a product called Pyresta. Then Sipcam saw value in the product as a standalone spike and allowed growers to adjust their own mix partners. A broadleaf specialist with excellent control of wireweed and other tough-to-control weeds. Due to a slightly slower burn down, it can be used during the summer months without a loss in efficacy and doesn’t require the addition of a penetrative oil (like Hasten) like Hammer, Sharpen, and Valor do.

Valor/Terrain (Flumioxazin) –
Flumioxazin is a similar spike to Carfentrazone (Hammer) with similar efficacy on weeds. Look to use over Hammer when clover/medic is more of a target weed. We also use it as an option for spraying fence lines at high rates for season-long control. If you’re a flumioxazin user, Nufarm will soon be releasing a flowable version of Terrain.

Sharpen (Saflufenacil) –
The marshmallow expert! Sharpen provides a very quick burndown of large broadleaf weeds with great control of Capeweed, Prickly Lettuce and Fleabane. You may have experience using this spike with paraquat, but when spiked with glyphosate, it gives an excellent kill on a broad range of weeds. It’s a fantastic option if you have an early break and big weeds to target.

Voraxor (Saflufenacil & Trifludomoxazin) –
BASF released Voraxor back in the 2021 season. This new product comes with various use rates for different situations, such as knockdown and as a pre-emergent. Voraxor offers residual control of a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds. Used at a high rate, it can provide control for 8 to 12 weeks; however, you will need to consider plant backs when used over summer. Pricing will be at a premium to other products.

Terrad’or (Tiafenacil) –
Nufarm’s new Group 14 spike landed last year with a bang! Terrad’or is a new non-selective spike made of 700g/kg of Tiafenacil. We saw excellent results over summer sprays last year, and it offers outstanding control of broadleaf weeds and an increased speed of brownout of a range of broadleaf and grass weeds prior to crop emergence.
Terrad’or’s use rate is 15g/ha up to 40g/ha with 1% oil.
It does a great job on bigger stressed marshmallows and has a super-fast brownout with some grass activity, helping to bring down low-level glyphosate-resistant ryegrass in glyphosate mixes. Also a useful spike with paraquat mixes.
Use Terrad’or before sowing or when establishing a fallow. It has no residual activity and short plant-backs to our key crops; one hour for wheat, field peas, faba beans, lentils, barley, lupins, and chickpeas, and one week for canola at the 15g/ha rate, or two weeks at the higher 21-40g/ha rate.
Terrad’or can be used as a standalone herbicide to control specific weeds at 20-40 g/ha + 1 % spray adjuvant. Or if you want to broaden the weed spectrum, it can be tank-mixed with a range of products.

terrador on marshmallow.png

Call our agronomists for advice that’s tailored to your paddock and situation.

Note: These are general recommendations and may not be suitable for your individual paddock needs. Always refer to the label and seek out recommendations from your agronomists.