7 Reasons Why Super Sweet Sudan Is The Crop To Graze This Summer.

If you’re looking to fatten your flock on a bit of extra feed this summer, then Super Sweet Sudan is a great option to plant…
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If you’re looking to fatten your flock on a bit of extra feed this summer, then Super Sweet Sudan is a great option to plant now. And with plenty of soil moisture available, this summer will be a great time to get into it.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider Super Sweet Sudan:


  1. Multiple grazings – Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) is quick to graze and can sustain multiple grazings and intensive grazing. Fast regrowth will provide multiple sweet fine-stemmed tillers. For maximum regrowth potential, aim to leave a grazing residual of 15 cm. The crop can be recut or grazed after 4 – 5 weeks. 
  2. High-quality hay and silage – Leaves are superfine and super sweet, making SSS an excellent choice for silage or hay. With SSS, you can plant, grow, and graze multiple times, cut for hay or silage, and repeat.
  3. Quick extra feed over summer – With SSS requiring soil temperatures at planting of 15°C+, it is an excellent early plant option. Quick early growth means it’s fast to graze. The approximate time to flower is 57-62 days.
  4. Highly palatable – SSS is highly palatable at all stages of maturity and growth. It has a prolific tillering habit, superfine stems and is super sweet and leafy. For best weight gains, SSS should be initially grazed at 50-80 cm tall. Either stock with high animal numbers or strip-graze the paddock for best results. Unlike many other summer forages, if you do find yourself in the position where a field is going to head due to an unforeseen delay in grazing, the SSS is usually still very palatable due to the super sweet fine stems.
  5. Low toxicity – Studies have shown that sudan-type forages pose a lower risk of prussic acid toxicity to livestock than sorghum or sorghum-cross type forages. (However, note that grower decisions and weather conditions can heavily influence prussic acid).
  6. Plant less, get more – High-quality small seed means you plant more hectares with fewer kilograms. Planting rates are: Marginal dryland: 2-5kg/ha Favourable dryland: 6-12 kg/ha, and irrigation: 12-16 kg/ha.
  7. Highly adaptable and suitable to dryland – Wide area adaption. SSS has been developed in Australia for local conditions. It is the only true super sweet sudan-by-sudan hybrid forage on the market in Australia. 

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Updated Novermber 2022