New Seed Varieties Coming 2023

Oh, you are spoilt for choice next year! Here’s even more great releases from the seed companies coming in 2023.   Intergrain – Wallaby &…
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Oh, you are spoilt for choice next year!
Here’s even more great releases from the seed companies coming in 2023.


Intergrain – Wallaby & Kultarr Export Oats

Intergrain has released two new oat varieties for the 2023 season, Wallaby and Kultarr. They both are suited to be grown for the export hay market.


Wallaby is a mid-slow maturing oaten hay variety with similar hay yields to Mulgara and Brusher. It also has excellent quality attributes, including good digestibility and high water-soluble carbohydrate levels. Wallaby has a medium to tall plant height and is suited to medium and high rainfall zones.
Wallaby is resistant to CCN and may possess useful red leather leaf resistance. Provisional ratings suggest Wallaby has good leaf rust resistance (R), barley yellow dwarf virus (R), stem rust (MS) and Septoria (MSS).


Kultarr is a quick-mid maturing oaten hay with a tall plant height and offers excellent hay yields. It is higher yielding than Brusher and Mulgara, slightly later to flower than Brusher, and similar to Mulgara. Preliminary hay quality data indicates the variety has a suitable quality profile.
Preliminary disease data indicates an adequate resistance to common diseases, including resistance to leaf rust, good barley yellow dwarf virus resistance (MRMS), CCN (MS) and Septoria (MS).
If either of these varieties interests you, get in touch with Sam today to get your order in for the next season.


Intergrain – Zena CL Barley

Intergrain has also released a new Clearfield barley – Zena CL. It is a mid-maturing, high-yielding Clearfield, well suited to medium-high rainfall environments, with a medium plant height. It is agronomically similar to RGT Planet, suiting the areas where Planet is currently successful. Early results show similar yield potential, lodging resistance and head loss risk to Planet.

Zena CL provides a useful disease resistance profile with good levels of resistance to powdery mildew and leaf rust. However, Zena CL has a similar level of susceptibility to both the spot form net blotch and net form net blotch, as does RGT Planet.
The variety has an adequate grain size and a moderate hectolitre weight.
Zena CL has been accepted into the Barley Australia Malt Accreditation program, with the earliest potential final accreditation in March 2024.

zena barley.png

Sourced from Intergrain


Intergrain – Combat 2023 (Feed, Mid Maturity) NEW

Combat is a new exceptionally high-yielding Feed Barley variety that has been performing consistently well across a range of environments. It’s a mid-maturing variety similar to Scope CL and slightly longer than Rosalind. It is also a semi-tall plant type with a semi-prostrate growing habit. Combat has a moderate head loss risk and moderate lodging tolerance, both improved compared to Compass.

combat barley.png


Pacific Seeds – New Hyola Solstice CL and Hyola Regiment XC

Pacific Seeds have released two new canola varieties for the 2023 season. A Clearfield and a Clearfield & Truflex stack.

The first is Hyola Solstice CL which is a Clearfield. It is a mid-maturing canola with good plant vigour and a medium-tall plant height. Its blackleg rating is “R” with no seed dressing, which is built from four blackleg resistance groups, A, D, F & H. It will be suited to medium to high rainfall zones. It will be Pacific Seed’s highest-yielding Clearfield, with yields similar to some of the excellent varieties from Pioneer.

The next is Hyola Regiment XC, a stack of TruFlex and Clearfield herbicide tolerance. It looks like the next step up from Garrison XC with slightly higher yields. Regiment XC will be a mid-maturing variety with great plant vigour, medium-tall plant height, and excellent lodging resistance. It will have a blackleg rating of “R” which is also built from the four blackleg resistance groups as above. It will be suited to medium-high to high rainfall zones.


Pioneer – PY520TC Canola

Pioneer’s only release for next season is an exciting one – a triazine and Clearfield stack canola. PY520TC is a mid-maturity hybrid suited to long-season environments as the mid-slow phenology class of this hybrid makes it ideally suited to early planting opportunities. PY520TC hybrid packs exceptional top-end yield potential and oil content into a nicely rounded agronomic package. PY520TC has shown outstanding performance in long-season and high-yielding locations. The added benefit of combining the triazine tolerant and Clearfield herbicide tolerances in this hybrid is that it helps manage Group 2 residues and adds greater flexibility to your weed management strategies.