6 Reasons Guerrilla Is A Winning Tool In The War Against Hard-To-Kill Weeds

Have you ever sprayed a paddock with paraquat, only to find weeds burnt but still living? Or perhaps you’re concerned about resistance and looking for…
May 26, 2022Ag Chem Back to All

Have you ever sprayed a paddock with paraquat, only to find weeds burnt but still living? Or perhaps you’re concerned about resistance and looking for another tool? Imtrade’s new Guerilla herbicide could be your answer.

Imtrade released Guerrilla back in March 2021, and it has been causing a stir ever since. It was developed as a second-generation product for combating Glyphosate-resistant weeds and offers growers a powerful knockdown option. Here are six reasons why we’re excited about it:

  1. Rapid burndown of difficult weeds:With its Paraquat and Amitrole actives, Guerilla provides rapid burndown control. But unlike other paraquat-based formulations, its dual-active formula offers extremely robust control of hard to kill weeds. (For example, Guerilla can boast of single-pass Fleabane control).
  2. Class-leading surfactant package to save you mixing time: Guerilla is formulated with a class-leading surfactant package that provides superior droplet retention and coverage of foliage. It is not reliant on the addition of other adjuvants or surfactants in most common situations. This makes Guerilla an all-in-one drum solution, saving you mixing time and ensuring consistent performance.
  3. Combines Groups 22 (L) and 34 (Q) for optimal control:Guerrilla combines both 22 (L) and 34 (Q) herbicide groups into one easy to use, broad-spectrum formulation. By combining these two actives, Guerrilla is able to inhibit both the photosystem 1 photosynthetic pathway and carotenoid biosynthesis for optimal burndown control of weeds.
  4. More flexible than straight paraquat: By formulating both Paraquat and Amitrole at the right concentrations, the two modes of action are complementary in their effects. Basically, the internal plant metabolism of amitrole delays the direct action of paraquat. This promotes broader translocation of the paraquat within the target. Consequently, you may see slightly delayed symptom developments, but you will also see more complete weed control. Guerilla reduces regrowth and allows for greater freedom of use – no need to constrain your paraquat treatments to the end of the day or overcast periods.
  5. Reduced restrike: As the dual action allows the paraquat better translocation and better weed control, it significantly reduces instances of restrike post burndown – a common problem faced by growers when moving away from glyphosate in their knockdown programs.
  6. Easy and efficient: Guerrilla also offers growers the benefits of being Rainfast in 15 minutes, safe to following crops 1 hour after application, and is up to 25% more effective gram for gram than equivalent paraquat applications.

Overall, Imtrade’s Guerrilla is perfectly designed to control hard-to-kill weeds, combat resistance issues, and offer a powerful knockdown option. The dual active formulation combines multiple modes of action in a resistance management program and boasts a class-leading surfactant package to save you time. Oh, and what’s also great – it’s developed and formulated locally (Imtrade’s 100% Australian owned company) as a result of their R&D investment in the future of local farming. 

Check out Imtrade’s TechNote here.

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