3 Ways Clik Can Save Your Flock From Flystrike

3 ways Clik can save you from flystrike. If you have livestock, flystrike can be a massive issue for stock health and your budget, costing…
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3 ways Clik can save you from flystrike.

If you have livestock, flystrike can be a massive issue for stock health and your budget, costing Aussies $280 million annually. It’s disgusting, cruel, and hard to treat. This is why keeping on top of flystrike before it happens is a must. As always, prevention is the best cure. Fortunately, there are several products on the market to help you prevent flystrike.


You’ve probably heard of or used Clik before. Clik has held the crown in the flystrike market for years now, offering the best prevention and as of yet, no resistance. But did you know Elanco’s range now includes three different CliK products? Next time you ask for Clik, it’ll pay to know the difference between Clik Spray-on, Clik-Extra and Clik Zin. You may be overpaying and using the wrong product for your needs. All Clik products will provide preventative fly treatment, but they have different strengths, protection lengths, withholding periods, and ESI’s. Also, all three products help to prevent body, breech and poll strike as well as marking wounds. Just remember it’s important to remember to wait for the sheep to be fully dry after an application before re-handling.


So what should you use?

1. If you need flexibility with timing, use Clik Spray On.

Clik Spray-On is the product you’ll most likely have used and are familiar with. Used for flexible application timing, the standard CLiK Spray-On is the go-to product, as it’s the only CLiK product that can be applied to sheep off-shears or at any wool length. CLiK Spray-On also has the unique added benefit of Rain Lock, which allows the active to resist washout, giving you peace of mind, even in the face of wet weather. It will protect for up to 18 – 24 months.

  • Applied to sheep off-shears or any wool length
  • Includes Rain-Lock
  • 18 – 24 month protection


2. If you want long protection for all of the season, use Clik Extra.

For longer protection, Elanco’s newest Clik product, Clik Extra, can be used as it will give you protection for up to 29 weeks. The only drawback is it can only be applied from 4 weeks after shearing. Clik Extra contains 65g/L dicyclanil, which is 30% more active ingredient than CLiK Spray-On. Clik Extra gives you extra peace of mind knowing your sheep have the longest protection against blowfly strike available on the market. Clik Extra will also help reduce selection pressure for resistance where it remains above the minimum effective concentration (MEC) throughout the entire season and until flies are no longer active. This will also reduce the need for repeat treatments within the same fly season.

  • Up to 29 weeks of protection
  • Only applied from 4 weeks after shearing


3. If you’re worried about withholding periods, use Clik Zin.

When withholding periods are tight due to time constraints, CLiK Zin is the go-to solution. With a much lower amount of active, CLiK Zin provides the benefit of short meat and wool withholding periods and a minimal 21-day ESI, while still protecting against fly strike for up to 11 weeks. CLiK Zin offers marketing flexibility. It’s ideal for protecting sheep intended for slaughter, for lambs following marking, or for use late in the fly season.


Q: I used Clik last year, can I use it again?

As all Clik products contain the same active – dicyclanil, we recommend switching to another product to prevent the rise of resistance.

One product you can use is Avenge + Fly from Troy, which is registered as a flystrike treatment.
Avenge’s active, imidacloprid, also has no resistance and is an effective treatment and preventative to flystrike. Originally used to treat lice, is it also effective against flies for up to 14 weeks. It has a fast knockdown and can be applied in long wool. So you can now use Avenge to rotate off of Clik without losing efficiency against flystrike.

Other products you can use to treat flystrike are; 

  • Blowfly and Lice (Ivermectin)
  • Cyromazine products (Cyguard, Venus Spray-on, Venus Liquid)
  • Extinosad Eliminator, which we sell here.

If you’d like more information, come in and ask one of our staff what products are available to suit your needs.

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