How To Produce More Lambs: A Look At Virbac’s Multimin & Ovastim

Could you be missing out on potential profits? If you’re like most producers, your flock could potentially be underproducing. But now, a new product in…
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Could you be missing out on potential profits?
If you’re like most producers, your flock could potentially be underproducing. But now, a new product in the market could increase your lambing rate by 23% and lambs marked by a further 9%. Meaning you could be getting almost 30% more lambs to sell than you currently are, as well as improving your flock’s performance and increasing your profits.


So, how can you increase lambing rates and lamb survival rates?

Virbac has the answer with their Target Sheep Repro program.

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The Target Repro Program aims to deliver unparalleled results to help improve ewe fertility and productivity through their products Ovastim and Multimin.


Virbac says you’ll get:
– More lambs per ewe joined.
– More multiples and fewer singles.
– Healthier lambs and improved welfare.
And heavier lambs at sale.


In a nutshell, what are Ovastim and Multimin?:

Ovastim works by stimulating hormones to increase egg production and ovulation rates in ewes, thus increasing the number of lambs born.

Multimin improves the health and productivity of ewes, rams, embryos and thus lamb health by delivering a top-up of vital trace elements for high-demand periods.

On the Virbac site you can access some great and detailed information about these products, including how to use them and the economic data that show just how beneficial these products are. 


Check out the in-depth webinars from Virbac below:


Multimin has become an integral part of sheep programs in other states.

“With using Multimin on the ewes pre-joining for the last two years we now mark 10% more lambs over the previous five years. The Long-Actings off the treated ewes that also received the primed Cydectin Long Acting and Multimin in March cut 2.9kg of 15.5 to 16 micron wool in July which is 8% to 15% better than the last 5 years. …………..both Multimin and our current worm control program will be incorporated permanently into our farm management.” Stuart Hutton’ Newhaven’ Armidale NSW


Usually during our June lambing we would get a 110% lambing rate – but with Ovastim, combined with a continued focus on ewe management and good predator control, we’ve managed to increase that percentage to 155%, which is a fantastic result. I can see great potential for increasing lambing percentages considerably during early lambing periods by using this product.” Anthony Hoolihan, ‘Bundella’, Porters Retreat, NSW.


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So, the nitty-gritty. What’s in Multimin?: 

Multimin uses trace elements of copper, selenium, zinc, and manganese (there is also a copper-free version too).

It improves conception rates by increasing these trace minerals and antioxidants, which are essential for fertility in both sperm and eggs, and embryo survival.

The antioxidants neutralise the effects of free radicals – natural byproducts of growth and metabolism – which can damage healthy cells.


What if I’m already using oral supplements?:

Oral minerals are usually designed to meet daily requirements and animal maintenance and avoid deficiencies. Multimin is more of a top-up of trace elements for high-demand periods. 

(Think of it as taking a Berocca on the day when you need a boost versus taking a daily multivitamin.)

It’s also important to note that Multimin is not designed to be used for nutritional needs, but rather, it is used to get animals to their peak performance.

Therefore, Multimin can be used at the same time as oral trace elements. 

However – as Multimin contains selenium, we advise producers to minimise other supplements and products containing selenium, as build up of selenium can become toxic.


How do I use it?:

If you’re serious about improving your flock, then forward planning is key.

Before you start using Multimin, you need to consider what feed you’ll have available at lambing and if you’ll have to separate singles and twin flocks. There’s no point in increasing your numbers if you won’t have the available feed.


The Full Target Repro program:

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12 weeks out:

Multimin your Rams

  • Check the 5 T’s (testes, toes, teeth, torso, tuzzle)
  • Ensure good BCS of 3-4
  • Treat for parasites and vaccinate
  • Feed lupins and whatever feed they’ll go on while joining to acclimate
  • Avoid any more management closer to joining
  • It takes sperm two months for spermatogenesis, so make sure they’re looked after well before joining. 


6-9 weeks out:

Ovastim your ewes: (If first-ever dose – otherwise only once 4 weeks from joining in following years)

  • Make sure good BCS – 3-4
  • Flush with lupins


3-4 weeks out:

Ovastim + Multimin your ewes


At Joining:

Multimin your rams

  • Maintain nutrition and avoid stress
  • Book in your scanner, so you know what to expect


At Day 62-90:

Scan your ewes!

  • Get the data so you know what to expect, survival rates of twins and triplets
  • Further plan nutrition of ewes
  • Plan paddocks


4 weeks pre-lambing:

Multimin your ewes (and thus the lambs)

  • Keep supporting trace mineral needs (oral) and overall health, Multimin will support immune response and improve colostrum quality.
  • In the forming lamb, Multimin will support immunity, body heat production, and early growth until weaning.



  • Ensure good paddock management, including shelter, food, and appropriate mob sizes.
  • Keep up ewe nutrition and enough trace minerals (oral).
  • Manage predators


Why Multimin is easy to use:

  • Easy to use injection
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration
  • Cost-effective and great return for $$
  • Costs roughly $3 per head per jab.
  • Dosage is per animal weight

Our tips:

  • Use the Copper-free Multimin in our areas. (We see lots of potato weed and Salvation Jane, which can affect the liver.)
  • If using Multimin, DO NOT use anything else with selenium in it that day. Be aware that selenium is now widely used in drenches and vaccines.
  • Always use 1/4 needles for these products.
  • Never inject in the same spot, use a different side of the neck or further down the neck.
  • Inject Multimin last if you’re injecting other vaccines on the same day – Multimin is a salt solution and will sting.
  • Do not disturb your rams prior to joining
  • Do not disturb ewes within four weeks of joining


There’s no way around it. There is a growing global market for meat. China’s ever-hungry population commands a significant portion of this, especially after swine flu took out a massive chunk of their pork production.

So, how do we meet this global demand with the same amount of land? Australia and New Zealand are the only countries with the ability to increase their national herd sizes to help fill this demand. And with droughts having an impact on our national stock numbers, there are only two ways to increase your sheep numbers: Either buy more in (and potentially bring in biosecurity risks such as OJD, Footrot, Lice etc.) or, produce more lambs from your current ewes, with the help of Ovastim and Multimin.


Speak to one of our staff today about your Multimin requirements.

We can order in to suit your needs.

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