6 Seed Varieties New In 2022

Here’s a look at six varieties that hit the market in 2022. Wheat: 1. Calibre Calibre Wheat is out of AGT breeding program tested as…
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Here’s a look at six varieties that hit the market in 2022.


1. Calibre

Calibre Wheat is out of AGT breeding program tested as RAC2721. It looks to be a Scepter replacement with elite grain yield. Trials are showing a 6% yield improvement over Scepter. It has a longer coleoptile than many commonly grown varieties giving it the ability be sown that little bit deeper and get away from some of our new pre-em chemistries. It has been derived from Scepter and will be suited to most growing areas across SA.
It has a quick maturity similar to Mace and has been given an AH quality classification. It also comes with improved stripe rust and powdery mildew resistance. We will have more information to come in the coming weeks when it is formally released.

agt wheat.png


2. Valiant CL

Valiant CL wheat is Intergrain’s wheat release for next season, tested as IGW4502, and it is a slow maturing AH Clearfield. It will give growers a new varietal opportunity to maximise early sowing opportunities. It comes with a robust disease resistance package, including excellent stripe rust resistance based on early data. It has good grain size, test weight and moderate plant height, and a long coleoptile.



3. Commodus CL

Commodus CL was released just before the start of this season, with a few growers lucky enough to get their hands on the limited amount released. It is a Clearfield Compass, which is high-yielding, quick-mid maturing barley. It offers an effective disease resistance profile, including CCN resistance and a useful Spot Form Net Blotch resistance level. It has excellent grain size and a similar lodging tolerance and head loss risk to Compass, meaning that harvest management strategies should be considered in higher-yielding seasons and when harvest delays may occur to maximise varietal productivity. Currently undergoing malt accreditation due in March 2024.


4. Cyclops

Cyclops Barley is one of two barleys released from AGT for next season. Tested as AGTB02000, it has a quick-mid maturity, two days slower to awn peep than Spartacus CL. It has excellent yield potential, with an erect growing plant type like Hindmarsh and will be less susceptible to lodging than taller varieties such as Compass. Suited to a range of environments and seasonal conditions, it has a competitive physical grain package. Early signs point to improved spot form net blotch rating compared to Rosalind and Spartacus CL. It is currently going through its malt accreditation.


5. Minotaur

Minotaur Barley is the second of two barleys released from AGT for next season. Tested as AGTB0213 it is a lower-risk alternative to RGT Planet with similar top-end yield potential. It is a Commander type suited to medium-high rainfall environments, and it has a mid-slow maturity, which is slightly slower than RGT Planet. Although suited to medium to high rainfall environments, it has shown a robust ability to yield significantly better than RGT’s Planet in tougher environments and seasons. A slight improvement in spot form net blotch rating over RGT Planet and Spartacus CL, however, is very susceptible to scald. It is currently going through its malt accreditation.



6. LibertyLink (not a variety, but a new GM Trait)

BASF has launched the LibertyLink® trait for next season. This will allow Australian canola growers to use Liberty (glufosinate) herbicide over the top for broad-spectrum in-crop weed control in canola carrying that trait. This will be similar to how Roundup Ready or Truflex works. The trait allows in-crop use of a Group 10 (Group N) herbicide – a new MoA for Australian broadacre crops. \nControl weeds no longer effectively controlled by glyphosate, clethodim or triazine alone \nPowerful new trait technology combinations in locally bred and adapted varieties \nGreater rotation flexibility with no residue issues \nUsing LibertyLink to complement existing herbicide tolerances will help canola growers manage the spread of annual ryegrass populations with resistance to clethodim, atrazine and glyphosate. That’s why our first LibertyLink varieties also include the popular TT and TruFlex® technologies – plus our unique PodGuard® trait for greater flexibility at harvest time too.

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