Hot Topic: On-Farm Emergency Water Rebate Scheme

You asked, we listened. Lately the hot topic has been on the Governments On-Farm Emergency Water Rebate Scheme Lately, we’ve had a few growers come…
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You asked, we listened. Lately the hot topic has been on the Governments On-Farm Emergency Water Rebate Scheme

Lately, we’ve had a few growers come in asking about the current water rebate scheme run by the Australian and State Governments. So we thought we’d look into it and answer your questions.

What is it?:

The program has been established to provide a one-off 25% rebate up to $25,000 (GST exclusive) to primary producers in drought-affected areas, for the costs associated with the purchase and installation of on-farm water infrastructure. This infrastructure must assist primary producers to be more productive, assist in mitigating the degradation of natural watering points, help address animal welfare needs, and assist in becoming more resilient for future droughts. Farmers will be eligible to apply through PIRSA for the rebates and can cover for work undertaken since 1 July 2018. So, if you’re in one of the PIRSA listed drought-affected area, and had to or will need to implement new water infrastructure to maintain stock since July last year – you could be eligible to receive a rebate up to $25,000 gst ex.


Am I eligible?:

If you’re thinking of applying, you first must meet the following:
a) Be a property owner, share-farmer or lessee in the grazing industry, and;
b) Operate as a sole trader, partnership, trust or private company, and;
c) Your property is located in one of the eligible areas (Clare & Gilbert Valley, Copper Coast & Wakefield are eligible local government areas – see PIRSA website), and;
d) As the owner or operator, you earn more than 50% of your gross income from your Primary Production Business under normal season circumstances OR you have commenced your farming operation between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2018 and 50% of your gross income will be derived from Primary Production Business within three years of the date of your application, and;
e) The water infrastructure in respect of your application is installed for livestock permanently residing on your property.
You must also have a current ABN and be registered for GST, and are not receiving any other funding for the same purposes.


What can I claim for?:

The rebate applies only to the purchase and installation of emergency water infrastructure for livestock. These include:
· Pipes
· Water storage devices such as tanks and troughs associated with stock watering
· Water pumps
· De-silting of existing dams, where you can demonstrate that the property does not have access to groundwater.
· Drilling of new stock water bores and associated power supply such as generators, desalinisation plants.
· Other materials or equipment necessary to install the above, excluding the purchase of machinery.
· Any freight component to purchase and install the equipment.
· The professional installation costs to install the water infrastructure.
There is also a list of activities that can’t be claimed for, including costs related to pasture or fodder irrigation, and labor or staff costs, plus more.


How to apply:

Head to and fill out or print an application. They can be submitted online or posted. You will also need additional supporting documents and may be required to provide more information.
For more information:
Head online and visit the PIRSA link below:

Or you can contact: Drought Response Program Department of Primary Industries and Regions:
Telephone: 1800 255 556

We hope this information is useful and can help our producers maintain their livestock through these tough times.