Veritas & Aviator Aviator Xpro Fungicides

Product Focus: New Veritas and Aviator Xpro FungicidesThis month we’re highlighting two new fungicides products which we’ve seen excellent results with this season: Veritas from…
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Product Focus: New Veritas and Aviator Xpro FungicidesThis month we’re highlighting two new fungicides products which we’ve seen excellent results with this season: Veritas from Adama, and Aviator Pro from Bayer.



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Veritas is highly effective for foliar disease control. It’s a unique strobilurin and triazole fungicide for use in wheat and barley, with a blend of 200 g/L of Tebuconazole and 120 g/L Azoxystrobin actives.

Key features:

• High-performance broad-spectrum fungicide

• For use in Wheat and Barley – but also Chickpeas*, Lentils*, Peanuts, Adzuki Beans*, Navy Beans* and Mungbeans* – see the appropriate permit.

• Broad-spectrum

• Resistance management option

• Highly compatible SC formulation

• Excellent crop safety – extensively tested in Australia on multiple cereal and pulse varieties and situations.


It can be used to protect from the following:

Wheat Barley
Yellow leaf spot Net Blotch (Suppression Only)
Septoria Powdery Mildew
Powdery Mildew Leaf Scald
Blotch Leaf Rust
Stripe Rust
Leaf Rust
Nodorum Blotch
Stem Rust


Veritas will give you around three weeks of disease suppression. It can be applied at any crop stage when conditions favour disease development but before high disease levels appear in the crop. Think of it more as a preventative than a cure, but a great one at that.
For the best return on investment, don’t spray past the flowering stage. And do not apply more than twice during the growing season.

Keep in mind there is a 6 week withholding period before harvest, and also a 21 day grazing withholding period with Veritas.





Aviator Xpro is a new foliar fungicide released by Bayer that provides a new standard of disease control in canola, wheat, barley and a range of pulse crops. With the incidence and severity of foliar diseases spreading and increasing across key Australian growing regions, Aviator Xpro sets a new benchmark in longer lasting disease control for growers.

Aviator Xpro, with its two modes of action, has already proven to be a valuable new tool for the control of blackleg and sclerotinia in canola and ascochyta blight in chickpeas. It is made up of an emulsifiable concentration, with 75g/L bixafen and 150 g/L prothioconazole actives and comes in 10L packs. Aviator combines these two complementary fungicides for excellent curative activity and long-lasting residual control.


Key features:

• Class-leading control of Sclerotinia.

• Superior control of blackleg.

• New fungicide mode of action for pulse crop diseases including ascochyta, botrytis grey mold, and chocolate spot.

• New foliar fungicide mode of action for disease control in wheat and barley, canola, chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, and lentils.

• More than just a protectant, Aviator Xpro works across multiple stages of the disease lifecycle to give growers added flexibility on application timing.

• Rainfast in less than 1 hour under most conditions.

• Physically compatible with key herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers used in cereal, canola and pulse crops (see label for compatibility details).

• Leafshield formulation. An innovative formula which ensures even leaf distribution and rapid rain fastness.


It can be used to protect from the following.

Canola Chickpeas Wheat Barley Faba Beans Lentils
Blackleg Ascochyta Yellow leaf spot Net Blotch Chocolate Spot Ascochyta
Sclerotinia Septoria Powdery Mildew Rust Botrytis Grey Mold
Powdery Mildew Leaf Scald Ascochyta
Eyespot Leaf Rust Cercospora
Stripe Rust Black Spot


It should not be applied:

– After 50% flowering growth stage in canola

– After Z45 (boot with the sheath opening but not head visible) in barley & wheat.

– After late flowering in chickpeas.

– After early flowering in faba beans or lentils.

It has no harvest withholding periods, but it does have a grazing withholding period of 4 weeks for barley, wheat and canola and 5 weeks for chickpea, faba beans, and lentils.

Come in and see us for more information on how these products will work best for you.